Our Cars

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur


This modern vehicle has presence and refinement, a powerful engine and suspension that smoothly glides you along to your wedding destination in absolute luxury.

We chose the Rolls-Royce Silver Spur since it is the long wheel base version of the Silver Spirit. It has oceans of extra room sufficient to take a lovely bride in a beautifully prepared gown with masses of lace and train - or a beefy rugby playing bridegroom who likes plenty of space! This is limousine style comfort with every luxury to hand and all the technology that you naturally expect with air conditioning and stereo CD player and even iPod/Mp3 input to play any special music!

The colour of the Silver Spur is pale blue to tone easily with any colour co-ordinated scheme and conveys a summery feel - even on damp showery days, which we sincerely hope won't happen on your special day! The interior is ivory hide piped in blue and there is the feel of expensive leather, wood veneer craftsmanship and thick lambs' wool over rugs.