Our Cars

Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith


Providing the perfection and supreme elegance of Rolls-Royce for your special day. We can enhance your wedding experience by travel in the splendour of this wonderful car. Built over sixty years ago and preserved in original condition, this unique car will convey you in a style of tradition and luxury that was a hallmark of the Rolls-Royce in the days of coach built luxury.

The car is a 1949 'sports' model 2 door coupe but don't worry, that does not mean 'small'! Just open one of the massive doors with ample room for any wedding dress and take in the nostalgic aroma of waxed wood and leather! Sit in the car a feel cosseted by the comfort of yesteryear!

You will not be disappointed. The smooth 6 cylinder engine and beautiful shining chrome and bodywork provide an elegance that will compliment and contribute to your very special day!

Oozing in nostalgia, the Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith is finished in black with pale blue coach lines and the interior is air force blue leather with pale ash cabinet work. The car is owned and maintained by the same family for more than sixty years since new and it was exhibited in the Earls Court Motor show in 1949. It will seat four passengers in total comfort.